Friday, November 24, 2017

Osprey Games: Black Friday - Boardgames and Wargames!

Osprey Games: There's something for everyone in our Black Friday Sale, with 30% off selected boardgames and wargames!

Atlantis Miniatures: Black Friday Super Sale Including 50% Off!

Atlantis Miniatures: Black Friday Super Sale! Up to 50 percent off! 

Alternative Armies: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017!

Alternative Armies: Six brand new releases now made, two dozen big deals present, free worldwide shipping and a fantastic cyber event to come.  Its the Alternative Armies mega Black Friday Event!  Ending 9am GMT Tuesday 28th November.  You will want to see this and read the details.  It's huge! Get your supplies for the winter wargame season from among our thousands of miniatures and more.  Our biggest event of the year.  Click through or go straight to the website on our Events page.  Thanks.  GBS

Element Games: Black Friday Sale - Vouchers, Extra Store Credit and More

Element Games: Black Friday is here! 5% store credit on all orders (up from 1%) Every hour one order will be selected to win a £10 Voucher - 5% extra discount on our airbrush bundles - A free Element Games "Relic Token" in every order placed. - And to top it all of, these deals will continue on through to Cyber Monday! Don't forget to use our exclusive Wargame News and Terrain code TIM940 for double loyality points at Element Games! Check Element Games here

Hydra Miniatures: New Retro Science Fiction Imperial Miniatures and Holiday Sale - 20% Discounts!

Hydra Miniatures: Greetings Cadets! Hydra Miniatures is running its annual Holiday Sale with 20% off all items. The sale run from Wednesday, November 22nd until Friday, December 1st ( 11:59 p.m. EST). All items, including new releases, are on sale and prices will be marked accordingly. No coupon code is necessary.

Hydra’s release schedule has not been as robust as expected, but we are proud of our latest Solar Studios range and have been working hard to expand our 32mm range of Imperial models.  We are very excited to release the Imperial Magi, psychic acolytes who use their impressive powers to support Imperial units. The Imperials also get their first character—Lord Zarek. This master swordsman is a cunning tactician who strikes from afar with his Draco-Hawk. These models were masterfully sculpted by Bobby Jackson and Patrick Keith and brilliantly painted by Matt Leahy. 

Finally, the Imperials receive their first set of alien auxiliary troopers, the Worm Men.  These slithering, spineless creatures tunnel underground and launch surprise attacks against their foes. There are two poses sculpted by Matthew Beauchamp and are available as single troopers or a unit of six models. 

The Ion Age: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017!

The Ion Age: Black Friday Weekend at The Ion Age! Brand new 15mm Space Werewolves, a 25% off offer on our Hab Dome, free worldwide shipping on all orders over 15GBP, the return of the Havelock Bundle Saver this weekend only (Three Battlesuits and a Fallen Suit free) and a fantastic cyber event only on Cyber Monday with 25% off all Patrol Angis digital books that day. The whole promotion ends 9am GMT Tuesday 28th November. You will want to see this and read the details. You get Reward Points and you can use them too during the event through the website and your account. Click through or go straight to the website or our Early Supporter page. Thanks. GBS

Avatars of War: Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale Launched

Avatars of War: Are you ready? Sale Starting Today!

Sarissa Precision: Black Friday - Cyber Monday 10% Discount

Sarissa Precision: Nothing complicated, 10% off until Monday night....

FG MiniZ: Black Friday 25% Discount Coupon and Free Minis

FG MiniZ: From the 24th November to the 30th November we offer the -25% Coupon available to all items on our website. You just have to use the coupon BF2017 in your shopping cart and it will be automatically discounted. This offer applies on all orders above 30 € - For all orders above 50 € we will offer the Stretcher Bearers below unpainted and one of this orders will be drawn to received unpainted and painted!! And some news Confederate Division & Brigade Generals.

Deep-Cut Studio: New 15mm Meadow Wargaming Mat

Deep-Cut Studio: New game mat release! Latest Meadow design is an update and improvement to our 15 mm scale range. Neutral grassy background will fit any setting in any era and will please the eye with natural looking details. Premium mousepad material, optional grids and hexes and just the right timing for Black Friday await you at

Klukva Miniatures: SciFi Robot and Modern Ganger Miniatures

Klukva Miniatures released these three new models!

Kromlech: Black Friday Sale Launched - 20% Discounts

Kromlech: I would like to inform you that Kromlech Black Friday Weekend Promo will be active since Thursday 23-11-2017 12:00 CET till the end of Sunday 26-11-2017 :) 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ramshackle Games: Black Friday Sale - Cheap Miniatures, Scenery and Bits!

Ramshackle Games: Black Friday is upon us! Great seething masses descend on the town center like a George A. Romero film. Good times, good times. For those who prefer the more dignified method of ordering their Black Friday deals online, Ramshackle Games is running a special deal. Pick any 20 parts, pieces and figures from the special promotional category on the web site and pay just £30! The selection includes heads, armour plates, all the resin 28mm figures, turrets and much more. Come and have a look.

Pen and Sword Books: Black Friday Sale - 25% Wargame and Military Books Discounted

Pen and Sword Books is offering a 25% discount on their printed books, including their excellent wargaming and miniature books! Check their store here and grab yourself a bargain. Tip - Search for wargame - miniature - painting in the webstore!

Micro Art Studio: New Steampunk Cog Mechanism and Black Friday Deals

Micro Art Studio released this new hardfoam Cog Mechanism, designed for the Wolsung SSG but can easily be used for other games such as historical, Malifaux, Warmachine, WWX, etc.

It will be available within the Black Friday special offer in the Micro  Art Studio online store, which will last from today, Thursday 23rd Nov.  18:00 CET until Saturday, 25th Nov. 10:00 CET. The Black Friday promo discounts will vary from -20% up to even -50%.

Alternative Armies: New Science Fiction Loud Ninja Games - Ikwen Hardened Fighters!

Alternative Armies: It has been promised and now they are here.  New 15mm Ikwen from Loud Ninja Games!  Six new poses with blades and pistols sculpted by Eli Arndt. Click through to see and learn more and our Black Friday mega event is underway too with free shipping and a whole lot more until 29th November.  All in the article.  Thanks.  GBS

Battlefront Miniatures: New Flames of War - Armies of Late-War

Battlefront Miniatures: Tune into the Flames Of War website tomorrow for some live content and articles as we launch Armies Of Late-War! Check the website here

Puppetswar: New Warp Jetbikers Released

Puppetswar released these new Warp Jetbikers!

Alternative Armies: Flintloque Hunvarian Guard Ogre Cavalry

Alternative Armies: Brand new Ogre Cavalry for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Hunvarian Guard on Rhinos which can be used for Guard or Hussars, Hunvaria or Krautian Giant Legion.  All resin unit and at a reduced price.  Single, Pack or Unit.  Also a free article with game statistics for the new units.  Click through to see and learn more  plus the download link and remember our Black Friday mega event is underway too with free shipping and a whole lot more until 29th November.  All in the article.  Thanks.  GBS

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Alternative Armies: New 15mm Mummified Wizard on Throne

Alternative Armies: Now in resin, re-mastered and released a classic 1980's 15mm fantasy code.  Dungeon scenics or Lord of the Dead it is your choice with the Mummified Wizard on Throne. Click through to see and learn more and our Black Friday mega event is underway too with free shipping and a whole lot more until 29th November.  All in the article.  Thanks.  GBS

Perry Miniatures: New Spanish Napoleonic Infantry - First 19 Packs Released

Perry Miniatures: Spanish Army 1808-14 - We are happy to announce the new range of Napoleonic Spanish.The first 19 packs are now available on our website. This range will cover Spanish troops for the Peninsular War 1808-14. The uniforms range from the early 1805 regulation uniform to the British made and home produced uniforms of the mid/late war period as well as ununiformed troops who received none or very little in the way of supplies. These are all in marching poses although firing lines are on the workbench. Check them all here

Spanish Army 1808-14 - 28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry

SPA 1 Infantry command advancing 1808-09
SPA 2 Fusiliers marching 1808-09
SPA 3 Infantry command in plain bell-top shakos and tailless jackets 1810-13
SPA 4 Fusiliers marching in plain bell-top shakos and tailless jackets 1810-13
SPA 5 Infantry command advancing in round hats 1810-13 (for SPA 6 and 7)
SPA 6 Fusiliers marching in round hats and tailless jackets 1810-13
SPA 7 Fusiliers marching in round hats and short tailed jackets 1810-13
SPA 8 Infantry command, Espana’s Division in tarletons 1812-13
SPA 9 Fusiliers marching, Espana’s Division in tarletons 1812-13
SPA 10 Infantry command advancing, Catalonian Legion in round hats and long tailed coats 1810
SPA 11 Fusiliers marching, Catalonian Legion in round hats and long tailed coats 1810
SPA 12 Infantry command advancing Castropol Regiment in bonnet de police 1809
SPA 13 Fusiliers marching, Castropol Regiment in bonnet de police 1809
SPA 14 Line Infantry command 1812-15
SPA 15 Line Infantry Fusiliers marching 1812-15
SPA 16 Line Infantry Grenadiers marching 1812-15
SPA 17 Line Infantry Cazadores marching 1812-15
SPA 18 Fusiliers marching in part uniforms and civilian clothing (1) 1808-12
SPA 19 Fusiliers marching in part uniforms and civilian clothing (2) 1808-12

Breaking! Steamforged Games: New Godtear Miniature Fantasy Skirmish Game

Steamforged Games previewed some miniature renders and information about their new Godtear - Fantasy Skirmish Miniature Wargame. In Godtear you will control a small warband in a narrative driven skirmish campaign. Pictures by Twitter @thatPhilBowen